Art Direction

photos: Magdalena Zielasko
coding: Piotr Stanisławski

Everyday, simple life. Good coffee, sourdough bread, croissant with vanilla cream. Simple pleasures are the essence of Zmączeni - first artisan bakery in Swoszowice, Kraków.

It's a concept that focuses on things that bring you joy.
On sharing bread, and yet there is no more honest product than that. For many months the owners have perfected their recipes by finding forgotten grains and selecting unique ingredients. At that time, we focused on visual identification, which idea was quite simple. It is supposed to make you smile and unambiguously associate with the product.

Zmączeni - the name we came up with - is a combination of two polish words.
Flour, which is an inseparable element of every bakery, and tiredness.
Tiredness is mixed with job satisfaction. Getting up in the morning, hours spent in the kitchen - all this creates daily routine in every bakery.In this project, we are responsible for naming, strategy, and communication strategy, as well as visual identification and web design.

Founded by Małgorzata Ościłowicz-Sadlik and Radek Sadlik,
Radość Agency is a multi-disciplinary design and creative boutique studio based
in Cracow, Poland. The agency specializes in brand identity and art direction.